simply a beautiful melody of happiness

[old writing | photograph from Venice – summer 2012]

I still remember the sentence came to my head when I saw the two old men playing violin and guitar in a small street of Venice: It was simply a beautiful melody of happiness.

It was my first day visiting Venice. I have to say that it was not as beautiful as I expected it to be. Instead, it was somehow lovely and peaceful (in case that you can try to ignore the sea of those excited tourists). Together with the other girls, I walked toward Venice under the heat of summer, without planning or thinking. I forgot to mention that I was never a good friend with hot weather. Indeed, I did try to get to know him, but his fickle mind just ignored me completely.

Thank to the Sun, I felt so hot and tired. I wanted to have a cup of cold water and rest under the shade of the big trees. However, I didn’t stop for that and kept following the others. It was, actually, a good decision. As we turn to a small street covered by tall walls and green trees, we found those two men happily smiling with the wonderful melody coming out from their instruments. At that time, I felt a fresh and cold energy going through my veins, waking me up from the tiredness. I was energetic again. I wanted to join them and dance along with the cheerful music. Regretfully, I was too shy to do that.

In the city where I used to live for the first 18 years of my life, you could hardly find anything so peaceful and cheerful like that. I’m not saying it was terrible living there. It was, actually,  lively and challenging. However, Hanoi was so busy and stressful, not suitable for a lazy cat like me. I prefer something more tender, something that gives me enough space to freely scretch and yawn with a happy face.

That’s why, at the moment when I saw the violin men and listened to their melody, my heart skipped a beat… as I smiled.

It was simply a beautiful melody of happiness… peacefully resting inside a busy island.


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