Mad to Live

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. – Lao Tzu

I want to inhale all the quintessence of this world into my lung, let it be absorbed into my blood and keep it running through my vein. I want to stay awake and I want to feel bad sleeping ’cause there ain’t enough time, ’cause my challenges are queueing up to the faraway horizon, and because I’m too excited to even rest.

Mad to Live is a project I created for self-satisfaction, for self-maintainance, and for further improvements. I believe that happiness is a result of my action, not my goal in life. I believe that everything I did, do, and will do is definitely worth the effort.

The project is simple. I will share with the world what I love and care about via creative works. It could be writings, videos, or weird pieces that I create/collect from my life experience.

Let’s inspire each other and fill up this life with excitement.